Bengal Governor : A test of the Constitution and democratic system in Bengal !

Bengal’s post poll violence case

Kolkata – ‘The Constitution of India and democracy will be at test in Bengal. I warn everyone including the Police and the Administration of facing dire consequences if they act wrong. The law will spare nobody’, Bengal Governor Jagdeep Dhankhar said in a strongly worded message.

A large-scale violence took place in Bengal after the assembly poll results were declared. Many Hindus were killed, injured, and women were abused. In view of this, Governor Dhankhar visited the violence hit areas and met the victim Hindu families. Speaking with the news channels, Dhankhar said,

1. I wish I would have never seen this day. Given a choice, I would rather choose to die than listen to the atrocities these people went through.

2. This is the first time after independence that a post poll violence has occurred to such an extent. Lakhs of people fled their homes. Their homes were bombed, set on fire. More than 100 shops in Nandigram were targeted and destroyed.

3. Even Dr Baba Saheb Ambedkar wouldn’t have imagined that such an irresponsible and terrorising administration would govern in future.

If we go to the Police, they will put charges against us instead !

When Governor Dhankhar asked the victims why they did not file a Police complaint, one of them said, ‘If we register complaint with the Police, they will only find us guilty and level charges against us instead. It will not stop here. Once the people of ruling party learn about this, what they will do to us is unimaginable.’

‘Ordinary people are afraid of Police and the Police are afraid of the members of the ruling party. Such a system cannot be called as a democracy. Children in Cooch Behar told me, “Sir, they will come back !” I cannot forget the pain in their eyes. What I am telling is just a little part of what I have heard, as I do not wish to provoke anybody’, Governor said.

Hindus fear conversion after voting against TMC!

Narrating their terrific tales, some of the victims said, ‘In democracy, people should be able to vote as per their wish; however, we get punished here to do so. To avoid that punishment, we are even ready to convert. You show us the way, assure us that our lives will be spared if we convert !’ The Governor said, ‘I was appalled after hearing these incidents. Is our democracy so weak that anyone can disintegrate it and destroy the constitutional system ?’