Conspiracy of luring a Hindu girl into marriage foiled by the Bajrang Dal’s alertness !

Why is the Government not enacting a strong anti-love jihad law at the national level to prevent such cases ?

Unnao (Uttar Pradesh) – A 26-year-old fanatic’s conspiracy to lure a 22-year-old Hindu girl into marriage was foiled by the alertness of the Bajrang Dal. The boy conspired to marry the girl by keeping her family members in the dark. He had also prepared the relevant papers for this. When the Bajrang Dal activists got this information, they caught the religious fanatic and questioned him. There was also a show down between the activists and the religious fanatic youth. The young man’s mother present at the scene started shouting and called the Police, who came to the scene and took the boy and Hindu girl to the women’s Police station. The girl told the Police that the religious fanatic had lured her into marriage. The girl’s maternal uncle protested against the youth and filed a complaint against him.