Facebook : We are ready to comply, however discussions needed to sort out a few issues

Three-month deadline provided by the Centre to the Social Media firms to comply with the rules comes to an end

The firms that do not adhere to the rules prescribed the Government should be banned !

New Delhi – The official statement by the Facebook said, “We would abide by the Information & Technology rules, however, some open points need a further discussion. We plan to put forth our opinion to the Government”. The Central Government had announced a set of guidelines 3 months ago for social media firms such as Facebook, Instagram and Twitter. This deadline has come to an end on 25th May 2021. Against this backdrop, Facebook has issued a statement which says, “Facebook remains committed to people’s ability to freely and safely express themselves on our platform”.

  1. The Ministry of Electronics & Information Technology had asked such social media firms to appoint a Chief Compliance Officer, nodal contact person and Resident Grievance Officer. It was also mentioned that the officers be based in India and have jurisdiction over the entire country. The rules stipulated to have a robust Grievance redressal mechanism, effective monitoring of objectionable content, compliance report and rules regarding removing such content from the platforms. However, it is believed that these firms have not yet complied with these guidelines.
  2. As per the new set of rules, a committee would be formed. It would include members from various Ministries such as Defence, External Affairs, Home, Information and Broadcasting, Law and Justice, Electronics & Information Technology, and Women and Child Development.