Several dead bodies found floating in Yamuna River near Hamirpur (UP) !

Suspicion that the dead bodies of those who died due to coronavirus were thrown in the river

This incident has occurred because the administration failed to create awareness among public regarding the dead bodies of Covid patients. Throwing dead bodies in the river not only pollutes the river but also spreads coronavirus. Therefore, the Government should take stringent measures to stop such practices.

Hamirpur (UP) – Several dead bodies were found floating in the Yamuna River near Hamirpur District. People sighted these dead bodies from a bridge on the Kanpur-Sagar route and informed the Police. One of the dead bodies was half-burnt. The Police are suspecting that these dead bodies were of the people who died due to coronavirus. Probably, instead of performing the last rites on these dead bodies, they were thrown in the river near Kanpur and Hamirpur.

People in Kanpur and Hamirpur Districts consider Yamuna River as ‘Mokshada Kalindi’. Therefore, instead of performing the cremation after death, the bodies are thrown in the river. This is an ancient tradition. It is quite normal to see dead bodies in the river here. However, in the present coronavirus pandemic times, a large number of corpses are visible, it is suspected that these people had died due to coronavirus.