China advises on drinking cow’s milk to combat Covid !

Chinese Government aims to increase milk production by 30 times !

While on the one hand, China has realised the significance of cow milk, on the other, India cannot even protect its cows !

Beijing (China) – Having nearly overcome Covid, the Chinese Government is now advising its citizens to increase the consumption of cow’s milk to increase the amount of protein in the body. The immune system becomes stronger due to proteins. Thus, it will help to overcome coronavirus. During the coronavirus pandemic last year, it was advised in an annual parliamentary meeting of peoples’ representatives to make a law that each and every person in the country should drink a minimum of 300 ml of milk daily. Currently, appeals are being made to the public through various social media, to drink milk. The Chinese Government has set a target of producing 450 lakh tonnes of milk in the country until 2025. This figure is 30 times greater than the present production.