11 people killed in violence after elections in Bengal !

  • Earlier Naxals used to engage in violence, whereas since last 10 years Trinamool Congress is doing it. President’s rule is essential in such a State !
  • The law and order situation in Bengal was the same even prior to the elections. In the last 2-3 years more than 100 BJP workers have been murdered. However, considering the gravity of the situation, the Central Government has not imposed President’s rule in Bengal. Now that the situation is deteriorating further, who can be held responsible for it ?

Kolkata – Incidents of violence have begun immediately after the results of Bengal Assembly elections were announced. Until now, 11 people have been reported killed in the violence. According to the news report by ‘Dainik Jagran’, it includes 9 people belonging to BJP, 1 activist of Trinamool Congress and one another person. It is reported that one BJP activist was beaten inhumanly and killed in Ultadanga. Ever since the election results were announced, several incidents of violence have occurred in South 24 Pargana, Nadia, Vardhaman and North 24 Pargana Districts of Bengal. Dilip Ghosh, Bengal Regional Head of BJP has accused that more than 100 offices and activists’ houses have been vandalised. Some buildings have been set on fire. While the Union Home Ministry has demanded a report regarding the violence in Bengal, PM Narendra Modi has expressed his grave concern over telephone to Governor Jagdeep Dhankhad. The Governor has ordered State Police Director General and Kolkata Police Commisioner to bring the situation under control.

BJP’s office in Nandigram, from where Mamta Banerjee was defeated, has also been attacked. Several shops were also destroyed. There was arson in some places and BJP claimed that after the Police reached the spot, those engaging in violence fled. While the BJP has accused the Trinamool Congress activists as being responsible for this entire violence, the Trinamool Congress has said that the BJP is responsible for it.

BJP worker murdered after few hours of depicting through ‘Facebook Live’ the violence by Trinamool Congress

Abhijit Sarkar, a BJP activist in Bengal gave information through ‘Facebook Live’ about the violence by Trinamool Congress activists. He was murdered within a few hours after this post. His pet dog was also killed. Jayprakash Nadda, BJP’s National President will meet the activist’s family and offer condolences to them.

Idols of Deity Shri Mahakalidevi and Deity Hanuman vandalised

Akhil Bharatiya Vidyarthi Parishad (ABVP) has accused hooligans of the Trinamool Congress of attacking its office and workers in Kolkata. It has also claimed that the idols of  Shri Mahakalidevi and Deity Hanuman in the office were vandalised.

Nidhi Tripathi, the General Secretary of ABVP said, “Those who tried to speak against Mamata Banerjee have been attacked. The photos of Shyamprasad Mukherjee, Subhashchandra Bose and Rabindranath Tagore have also been vandalised.

BJP alleges gang rape of its female polling agents

The BJP has alleged that two of its female polling agents were gang raped during this violence.

‘Until I take the oath of the post of the Chief Minister, I am not responsible for the law and order situation’ – Mamata Banerjee’s fuss

After the incidents of violence in the State, Bengal CM Mamata Banerjee appealed to her party workers to preserve peace and not to fall a prey to provocation. She also charged the central parties of carrying out atrocities on Trinamool activists during the elections. Further, she accused, “If the Election Commision had not helped BJP, the BJP would have found it difficult to win even 50 seats”. Mamata Banerjee said, “Until I take the oath for the post of Chief Minister, I am not responsible for the maintenance of law and order. The BJP is indulging in false accusations by depicting old photos and photo of incidents which have occurred outside Bengal “.

Mamata Banerjee is spreading anarchy ! – Sitaram Yechuri

Senior CPI(M) leader Sitaram Yechury

CPI–M senior leader Sitaram Yechury said, “The manner in which Trinamool Congress is celebrating its happiness due to victory is deplorable. This violence will be opposed, it will not be accepted. Instead of tackling the coronavirus pandemic, Mamata Banerjee is spreading anarchy”.

JNU Student Associaition President also opposes the violence

Ayashi Ghosh, President of JNU Student Association has also accused the Trinamool Congress of engaging in violence. She said, “Trinamool should respect the majority given by the people. This majority has been given to them to do work, not to engage in violence. The activists of Mamata Banerjee are attacking the houses of activists belonging to the opposition party. This will not be tolerated’.

Keep in mind that the representatives of Trinamool have to come to Delhi sometimes ! – BJP MP’s warning

BJP MP Parvesh Sahib Singh Verma

New Delhi – Parvesh Sahibsingh Verma, BJP Delhi MP, tweeted a warning, “Hooligans from the Trinamool Congress took the lives of our activists after winning the Bengal Assembly elections. They also damaged vehicles. Keep in mind, the CM, MPs and MLAs of Trinamool, have to come to Delhi sometimes. Consider this as a warning.  In elections there can be defeat and victory, but not murders”.