Oxygen shortage claims 12 lives in MP’s Shahdol!

Since the government has drastically failed to provide health facilities to the people, the only remaining hope is God; and there’s no other alternative than surrendering to Him !

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Shahdol (MP) – Twelve Covid-19 patients died at the Shahdol Medical College in Madhya Pradesh allegedly due to the lack of liquid medical oxygen on Saturday. Six of them died late in the night. Family members of the deceased Covid-19 patients claimed that the deaths were caused by lack of a stable supply of oxygen. The Dean of the medical college denied any shortage of oxygen and cited ‘drop in oxygen pressure’ to be the reason behind the deaths. He further said, “If low oxygen supply was the reason of deaths, there would have been many more deaths. There is indeed a shortage of oxygen, but patients are given sufficient amount of oxygen from the available stocks.”

Reacting to the deaths in Shahdol, former Madhya Pradesh chief minister Kamal Nath has heavily criticised the BJP government. He tweeted, ‘Shahdol deaths caused due to lack of oxygen is an unfortunate and sad incident. Has the government not woken up even after deaths due to lack of oxygen in Bhopal, Indore, Ujjain, Sagar, Jabalpur, Khandwa and Khargone? When will deaths due to lack of oxygen cease?”