Abu Dhabi : Grand Hindu Temple to be completed by April

Abu Dhabi (United Arab Emirates) – A Hindu Temple of the Swaminarayan sect which is under construction, is expected to be completed by April 2021. Stones carved by more than two thousand sculptors from Gujarat and Rajasthan, were transported to Abu Dhabi to be assembled for the construction of the walls. The temple is entirely based on traditional Hindu architecture. As soon as the temple completes construction, it will be opened up for tourists. (Although Hindu temples are beautiful structures, Hindus and the temple management should see to it that they are not  treated as tourist spots, . Temples are a source of spiritual energy and they have to be viewed at with reverence and the world also should be taught to look up to temples as a source of spiritual energy. Apart from imparting religious  knowledge to Hindus  these temples, should also provide facilities to people of other faiths to study Hindu Dharma – Editor)

The Swaminarayan temple upon completion will have all kind of facilities like a fully functional, social, cultural and spiritual complex, a visitor center, prayer halls, exhibitions, learning areas, play area for children, gardens, water bodies, a books and gift shop etc. The temple complex has a massive parking area where 1200 cars can be parked, besides 2 helipads.