Ask mosques to follow Court orders to stop the loudspeakers : UP Minister’s letter to DM

Earlier, Allahabad University Vice-Chancellor made a similar complaint. People are disturbed due to the high volume of loudspeakers put up on mosques; have the administration and Police turned deaf ? Now that even Ministers have voiced their opposition, Hindus strongly feel that Chief Minister Yogi Adityanath should conduct an inquiry into the mosques which are violating rules !

Ballia (U.P.) – Anand Swarup Shukla, a BJP MLA from Ballia and a Minister in the State Government has written a letter to the District Magistrate urging him to ensure that the orders of the Supreme Court be followed with regard to the volume of loudspeakers in mosques.

  1. Mr. Shukla says that ‘complaints are being received from teachers as well as students that various announcements are being made through loudspeakers throughout the day. People are greatly disturbed due to this. There is a mosque near my house as well. They broadcast announcements on the loudspeaker seeking donations throughout the day. This creates obstacles when I am performing yoga, meditation and puja’.
  2. Speaking to journalists, Mr. Shukla said, “Such type of announcements are never made through loudspeakers installed on temples and people never face any distress. The loudspeakers on temples are used only for certain religious functions. But loudspeakers in mosques are used daily from 4 a.m. onwards. Hence, people are distressed”.