Muslim girl weds Dalit Hindu boy; religious fanatics attack Hindu settlement

  • Religious fanatics lure Hindu girls by assuming Hindu names, entrap, convert, and exploit them sexually. Despite all this, Hindus never take the law into their hands. Realise that the secularists and pseudo-intellectuals, who consider Hindus as intolerant, conveniently ignore the religious fanatics in such incidents.
  • Will the ‘Jai Bhim-Jai Meem’ folks care to comment ?


Delhi – On the night of 20th March, more than 50 religious fanatics attacked a predominantly Dalit colony with sticks, lathis, swords and other weapons, and destroyed their houses. This ghastly incident took place in Sarai Kale Khan. The Police were deployed here in large numbers.

The reason for the attack was that a Muslim girl had got married to a Dalit Hindu. The Police have taken five people into custody and the investigation is in process.