Islamic organisation SKSSF wants to carve Muslim-majority ‘Malabar’ out of Kerala

Once such a State is formed, the next step would be to declare it as ‘Islamic Nation and Sharia law will be enacted there. This will result in the genocide of remaining Hindus there.

If the demand is being raised to form the separate State of Muslim-majority area, what is wrong if Hindus are demanding Hindu-majority India be declared as Hindu Rashtra ?

Kozhikode (Kerala) – The Samasta Kerala Sunni Students’ Federation (SKSSF), a students’ organisation affiliated to radical Islamist organisation Samastha in Kerala, has demanded a new Muslim majority ‘Malabar State’ be carved out from Kerala.

As per reports, a massive controversy has now erupted after SKSSF’s mouthpiece – Satyadhara’s editor Anwar Sadiq Faisi demanded the creation of a new state, ‘Malabar’, by carving Muslim dominated areas of the Malabar region out of Kerala. He wants Kozhikode should be the state capital of the newly carved Malabar State that should include areas from Districts in North Kerala – Kasaragod, Kannur, Wayanad, Kozhikode, and Malappuram where Muslims are present in substantial numbers He also warned of starting a ‘Telangana-style’ agitation if their demands are not met. (It is unthinkable as to how such an editor must be spewing venom through his mouthpiece ? – Editor)
The SKSSF was formed in 1989 and is known for its fundamental views on Islam’s religious aspects. It is well known for always politically backing the Muslim League.  Anwar Faisi said that the Kerala Government had shown its disregard towards Malabar.

“While ten thousand are wandering in Malabar without getting seats for XII standard, thousands of seats are left without any students in Thiruvanathapuram and Kochi. Private buses in Malabar and KSRTC buses in the south are being monopolized. This discrimination can be seen in many such things,” Faisi said in his post.

He also claimed that the Kerala Government gives importance to Southern region of the State. (Who would believe this ? This goes to show that despite practising appeasement of Muslims on such a large scale, they remain unsatisfied. The next step would be that the leftist Government which hates Hindus and loves Muslims may accede to this demand. – Editor)

Faisi also demanded the Kerala government to implement a special package for Malabar and asked Kerala Chief Minister to stay in the region for 3 days a week. In his Facebook post. It is not just the first time that Muslim organisations in the State are demanding the bifurcation of the Muslim-dominated Malabar region from Kerala. The key demand of the Islamists in Kerala is to seek a separate state of Malabar by carving out.