Central Government’s unwavering stand rewarded.

Twitter blocks 97% of anti-India accounts flagged by the government.

If India takes a firm stand the world pays heed. This should be a lesson to follow firm and aggressive policies and not Gandhian principles.

Twitter consistently supports anti-Hindu and anti-India activities. The Government should consider a permanent ban on Twitter.

 New Delhi – The Indian Government has finally compelled Twitter to close down 97% of accounts spreading anti-India propaganda using the ‘Farmer Genocide’ hashtag, supporting the ongoing farmer agitation on Delhi borders and spreading inflammatory messages.

The Indian Government had asked Twitter to delete the hashtag and all associated accounts. Initially, Twitter refused to budge. However, at the insistence of the Indian Government, they closed down 709 accounts. Out of 1435 accounts flagged by the Government, 1398 have been shut down. Twitter closed 1178 accounts identified by the Indian Government as being affiliated to Pakistan and the Khalistan movement. Twitter blocked 220 accounts of 257 which used the ‘Farmers Genocide’ hashtag.

If India takes a firm stand, the world pays heed. This should be a lesson to refrain from following Gandhian principles !