GoI issues stern warning to Twitter, asks it to act against anti-Indian accounts

Twitter behaves like an autocrat. It continuously encourages anti-Hindu and anti-Indian tweets. It is high time that Twitter is shown its place.

New Delhi – The Indian Government demanded strict action against those Twitter accounts spreading malice and misinformation during the recent Kisan Andolan. The Government had demanded action against 1100 accounts but Twitter deactivated only 709 accounts. Ajay Sawhney, Secretary, Ministry of Electronics and Information Technology expressed the Government’s strong displeasure to Twitter executives regarding Twitter’s ‘unwilling, grudging and great delay in complying with the substantial parts’ of the Government’s emergency order. Twitter was reminded that they must abide by the Indian law and that freedom of expression is not absolute and subject to reasonable restrictions.

  1. The Indian Government accused Twitter of double standards and reminded that its actions in India sharply contradict its actions during the Capitol Hill riots in the US. Twitter \curtailed several accounts and Hashtags then but did not show similar urgency during the Red Fort riots in India.
  2. The Central Government asked Twitter to close down 1178 accounts. Twitter replied that they had permanently suspended 500 accounts that shared incendiary tweets and withheld a portion of the accounts.
  3. Twitter took action against some accounts but cited freedom of expression and refused to act upon the accounts of the party workers and ministers. (When Donald Trump was the President, Twitter removed his controversial tweets and suspended his account. Twitter conveniently forgot freedom of speech; this clearly shows Twitter’s bias against India. – Editor.)