Chinese doublespeak – Pushing for discussions and deploying military at the same time

The entire world knows that China is traitorous. India should be prepared to handle its tactics and should not fall prey to Chinese strategies. When the opportunity presents itself India should attack China !

Large deployment of troops and munitions from China!

New Delhi – China is pushing for discussions with India with regards to its incursions in Ladakh. At the same time China is strengthening its military position along its 3,488 km border with India. China has stepped up its deployment of artillery, automatic howitzers and surface-to- air missile units in Tibet. Chinese soldiers are ferrying military equipment from one place to another. China has started new construction in the Finger areas of the Pangong Tso area.

India has evidence that China has deployed 5 large military vehicles, four 155mm PLZ 83 automatic howitzers at 82 km from Chumar. It was found that additional vehicles, heavy equipment and new construction were underway at the surveillance post at Rudok, 90 km from LAC. Four new sheds and quarters for soldiers were built.