PM Modi takes a swipe at Congress for their stand on farm laws

‘Just did what former PM Manmohan Singh had said’ – PM Modi

New Delhi – PM Modi slammed the Congress and accused it of taking a ‘U-turn’. He was defending the new farm laws during a discussion on the President’s Budget session speech in the Rajya Sabha. PM Modi quoted his predecessor Manmohan Singh, and underlined that the farm laws are the agricultural reforms aimed at giving a free market to farmers.

  1. PM Modi quoted Manmohan Singh “There are other rigidities because of the whole marketing regime set up in the 1930s, which prevent our farmers from selling their produce where they get the highest rate of return. It is our intention to remove all those handicaps which come in the way of India realizing its vast potential as one large common market”. He said the Congress should at least listen to Manmohan Singh if not him on the farm laws. He said, “Manmohan Singh ji had made his intentions clear to give farmers the freedom to sell their produce, and have just one market. And we are doing it now. You all should feel proud that Manmohan Singh had said it, now Modi has to do it!”.
  2. Prime Minister Narendra Modi further said, ‘no one is talking on the core issues of the farmers nor addressing the basic source of the laws. People are raising hue and cry that the law was passed in haste. When there is a large family, there will be some confusion. He appealed to the opposition to discuss these laws instead of getting annoyed like the guests who don’t get proper hospitality.