We become stressed due to our personality defects; we can overcome stress once we practice the ‘Personality Defect Removal’ process !

Sadguru (Dr.) Charudatta Pingale

Maharshi Adhyatma Vishwavidyalay presents research in International Scientific Conference on ‘Overcoming stress’

New Delhi – ‘The quest for fulfilment of the higher purpose of our existence cannot be purchased since it is earned through lifelong dedicated efforts for self-improvement through regular Personality Defect Removal, a sattvik lifestyle and spiritual practice under the guidance of an evolved spiritual guide. However, if an individual sincerely practices Spirituality as per universal principles, then it will be only a matter of time before he is able to transcend the mind and obtain the experience of the soul or the God Principle within each of us. This is the experience of Anand (Bliss), a superlative form of happiness which is not dependent on anything’. These were the concluding lines of Sadguru (Dr.) Charudatta Pingale as He summed up His presentation on the ‘Role of Personality Defect Removal process and Spirituality in overcoming stress and restoring Vital Force’.

He was speaking at the 3rd World Congress on Homeopathy & Traditional Medicine : Herbals & High Dilution of Drugs for Human Health & Agriculture.

This Online Conference was organised by Sukul Institute of Homeopathic Research, India and held from 18th to 20th January 2021.

The Chief Patron of this World Congress was Dr. Subhas Singh, the Director, National Institute of Homoeopathy under the Ministry of AYUSH, Government of India.

Sadguru (Dr.) Charudatta Pingale presented the research on ‘Overcoming stress’ by Paratpar Guru (Dr.) Athavale, a world-renowned Clinical Hypnotherapist, who has experience of 23 years of clinical practice as a doctor and 39 years in spiritual research.

Sadguru (Dr.) Charudatta Pingale began by giving an overview of why we get stressed. Then He went on to explain the Personality Defect Removal process in detail and how to use it to overcome the undesirable traits (also known as personality defects) and turn them into qualities. He then explained how Spirituality and a sattvik lifestyle help in reducing stress.

He also shared the research work conducted with the help of modern biofeedback machines such as the Gas Discharge Visualisation (GDV) and Universal Aura Scanner (UAS) to demonstrate respectively the effect of chanting and vegetarian & non-vegetarian diet on people.

If someone sincerely practices Spirituality, he will be able to transcend the mind and obtain the experience of the soul !