Central Govt plans cashless scheme for the treatment of accident victims

New Delhi – The Central Government plans to start a cashless treatment scheme for road accident victims in the year 2021-2022. The scheme will have an insurance coverage cap per case to be decided by the Government. It will be mandatory for the hospitals to immediately get the injured admitted and treat him. Ministry of Road Transport and Highways has proposed this scheme. India accounts for about 5 lakh road accidents per annum in which 1.5 lakh people are killed and about 3.5 lakh are crippled.

The scheme would raise the fund under the Department of Motor Vehicles. The fund would be utilised for the treatment of road accident victims and for payment of compensation to the family of the person who lost life. The compensation amount would be decided by the Central Government.

Key points of the cashless treatment

  1. It will be mandatory for the hospitals to admit and treat the persons injured in the road accident.
  2. The cashless treatment will continue till the injured is completely recovered
  3. This covers the transportation expenditure for the injured
  4.  Insurance coverage cap per case  to be decided by the Government