Military-grade explosive used for the blast near the Israeli embassy in New Delhi

New Delhi – Sources in the security agencies said that PETN explosive was used for the blast near the Israeli embassy. A military grade-explosive, PETN is not easily available and has been used in the past by groups such as Al Qaeda for making bombs.

Investigators have also found remains of a 9-volt battery from the blast site. According to sources, such batteries have been used earlier in bombs assembled by the Indian Mujahideen (IM) and Lashkar-e-Toiba. The IM mostly used easily available ammonium nitrate as the explosive in its bombs.

Bomb also detected outside Israeli embassy in Paris

A bomb was detected outside the Israeli embassy in Paris hours after the blast near the Israeli embassy in New Delhi. Hence, investigation points to a potential attempt at launching a coordinated international attack.

(Courtesy: India Today)

In 2012, a bomb was exploded on Israeli diplomat’s car in New Delhi. On the same day, a bomb was detected in a car parked near the Israeli embassy in Georgia, while an attack occurred near the Israeli embassy in Thailand. Iran was suspected to have masterminded those three attacks. The current probe also points towards possible involvement of Iran.

(Courtesy: News Nation)