The real face of some NGOs

(Retd.) Brigadier Hemant Mahajan

1. NGOs opposing good development projects

Pakistan has failed to spread terrorism in India over the past 5 years. Hence, it is trying to destabilise India through the medium of protests and violence for some or the other reason.

These activities are carried out by activists of some NGOs (Non-Government Organisations). They can stop any development project in India. For example – ‘Vedanta Group’ had a copper production factory in Tamil Nadu. Some activists of China-influenced NGO filed a case in the High Court alleging that the factory leads to pollution. The High Court ordered stopping the work of the factory. Then this issue went to National Green Tribunal (NGT), which ordered that the factory limit its pollution. Later, these activists appealed to the Supreme Court. The Supreme Court ordered the closure of the factory.

2. After closing the factory, India is now forced to import copper from enemy countries

China naturally benefitted because of the closure of the copper factory. Earlier, India used to export copper to China. Now, India has to import copper from the enemy countries – Pakistan and China.

Political parties in Tamil Nadu, such as DMK and AIDMK also opposed functioning of the factory. No one wants to cause pollution in their own land. However, can India survive without copper ? If we do not produce copper, how will we get it ? We are forced to pay double the price for importing copper when compared with the copper produced in the country.

For the Nation’s development, if we need to produce something, we must. In such cases, we must follow the policy of the developed Nations. We must find a golden mean between controlling pollution and development.

3. NGOs opposing good development projects

Some NGO activists oppose the construction of big dams. There are 100 to 200 dams in Maharashtra which cater to the water requirements of Maharashtra. If these dams were not built, how can we cater to the irrigation and drinking water needs of Maharashtra ? No one says that we should build a lot of dams. But, dams need to be built based on critical requirements without causing any harm to nature. However, some NGOs oppose and block any good project. Due to this, the progress of the Nation is hampered.

4. Amendment to control the finances of NGOs

Recently, the Parliament amended the FCRA, in which the source of foreign funding of NGOs has been made transparent and tighter. There are 35-36 lakh NGOs in India. Around 15,000 to 17,000 NGOs used to receive approximately Rs. 50,000 crore as donation from foreign sources. The NGOs were misusing this money. There are some good NGOs too which function on donations from within India. However, it is observed that China and Pakistan are using many NGOs to hamper the progress of India.

– (Retired) Brigadier Hemant Mahajan, Pune

(Ref : Daily ‘Sanatan Prabhat’)