Farmers forced me to lie about the conspiracy to kill them – suspect confesses

  • People will think of these accusations as a blame game between farmers and the govt. to malign each other!
  • Reports of Khalistani separatists and anti-India elements joining the farmers’ protest have surfaced. An extensive enquiry into the matter is needed to know whether there is a conspiracy to malign the govt., or more importantly, the nation!
Suspect arrested from protest site

New Delhi – A suspect had been arrested on the night of 22nd January in a case of conspiracy to kill 4 leaders of the ongoing farmers’ protest. Amid the fears of strong response from the farmers, another video of suspect is going viral in which the suspect is seen claiming, “Farmers forced me to lie about the conspiracy to kill.”

  1. The agitating farmers have planned to carry out a tractor parade on 26th January as a protest. The plot to kill the leaders was allegedly hatched in order to foil this parade protest. The suspect named Yogesh said in a video, “I am just saying what the farmers have told me to say.” However, the authenticity of this video is yet to be confirmed.
  2. Yogesh said, “Two groups were formed for the purpose. We have been on the protest site since 19th January. I was assigned the task of finding whether the farmers carried weapons with them. I was ordered to open fire on the farmers on 26th January if they failed to comply with the authorities. On the other hand, another group of 10 people would participate in the protest and open fire from amidst them, to force the protestors to disperse. There was a plot to kill 4 leaders (whose pictures were shown). A policeman named Pradeep Singh from Rai Police Station had ordered us to do this. He used to hide his face whenever he met us.”