Since 1980, the Congress era, China is occupying Indian soil! – claims BJP MP Tapir Gao

China builds a village in Arunachal Pradesh!

Patriotic Indians feel that BJP should prioritise correcting all the mistakes that happened during the Congress tenure !

BJP MP Tapir Gao

Itanagar (Arunachal Pradesh) – BJP MP Tapir Gao claims that China has been occupying the areas belonging to India since the 80s. Building villages, setting up military camps is not new. The entire country is paying the price for wrong policies laid by the Congress government.


As per the report, China has infiltrated the Indian border and built a new village consisting of 101 homes and is  4 kilometers inside the Indian territory. As per the government map, this area is inside the Indian border, but the Chinese have occupied this space since 1959. Before that, it was China`s military outpost. However, the new images show that there is an entire village. Gao has made the allegations in this context.

(Courtesy: Times Now)

Tapir Gao said, Congress has not laid a proper infrastructure till the border in Arunachal Pradesh. So, there is a 3-4 km buffer zone which is now occupied by China. On the contrary, China has been preparing their infrastructure since 1980. Not only this but they have also built roads till Longzu and Maza. During Former PM Rajeev Gandhi`s tenure, they have occupied Sumdorong valley in Tawang. The then Army Chief had even planned an operation, but the government denied permission.