Agitation by farmers in Congress ruled States are not against the Farm Bills but against the CAA, NRC and Shriram temple – Sakshi Maharaj, MP, BJP

Unnao (UP) – The protests by farmers are not against the Farm Bills but it is intended for something else. The protests are against the CAA and NRC. The removal of Article 370 and the construction of Shriram temple in Ayodhya has caused pain to some. Now they are expressing their anger against these in the form of protests against the Farm Bills, said BJP MP, Sakshi Maharaj. He also claimed that many of the protesters are big businessmen.

Opposition by farmers in the Congress ruled States

Sakshi Maharaj further said that the real farmer is working in his farm. If you want to see real farmers, come with me, I will show you at the Muradabad Farmers Convention. Some of the protesters own more than 100 Hectares of land, while some own even more Hectares of land. Why would such people be bothered by the Farm Bills ! Out of the entire country, the protests are happening only at 2-3 places. People from Punjab are coming to the Sindh border. Farmers from Haryana and Rajasthan are coming to the Delhi border; because these 2 States are ruled by the Congress.