Take autosuggestions to overcome obstacles in your spiritual practice at the level of the intellect and take steps to perform full-time sadhana promptly !

Shrisatshakti (Mrs.) Binda Singbal

There are no doubts about full-time sadhana (Spiritual practice) when the spiritual level crosses 56%. Seekers below this level face problems in taking a decision. Guidance for such seekers is given here.

1. Necessary to make a firm resolve to perform full-time sadhana

Many seekers are desirous of performing full-time sadhana by leaving their education, job or business, and are expressing their desire to their District-sevak or the concerned seeker. Despite intense inner desire, they cannot come to a final decision on full-time sadhana due to family problems and obstacles at the psychological level. If such seekers make a firm resolve, there is no doubt that they will be able to overcome the obstacles with God’s grace.

2. Resolve to perform sadhana by taking autosuggestions 

For resolving to perform sadhana without vacillating, take the following autosuggestions.

‘There are limitations to the satisfaction I have obtained/experienced in educational / family / business life. I am gettng more Anand (Bliss) from efforts to perform sadhana according to Gurukrupayoga. Which efforts should I make to overcome obstacles in becoming a full-time seeker ? If I make efforts step-by-step by seeking guidance from responsible seekers, God will mould me ultimately and provide the strength for full-time sadhana’.

3. Other aspects

A. If you feel that family problems will arise upon starting sadhana, talk to the responsible seeker freely. Autosuggestions can also be taken by including remedial perspectives as advised by the responsible seeker.

B. Consult full-time seekers who have similar nature as yours, have faced similar situations and on how they have resolved to become full-time seekers.

C. If any seeker is not prepared to take a decision to perform full-time sadhana due to spiritual distress, he should increase the duration of his spiritual remedies and talk to the responsible seeker in this regard.

D. Some seekers feel that it is difficult to perform sadhana by staying in an Ashram. Such seekers are advised to spend some time in an Ashram to experience Ashram life. Some seekers have developed self-confidence after making such efforts and they have started full-time sadhana.

The severity of the adverse times is on the rise day-by-day. Therefore, seekers should take early steps to start full-time sadhana for their emancipation in this human birth itself.

– Shrisatshakti (Mrs.) Binda Singbal, Sanatan Ashram, Ramnathi, Goa.

The severity of the adverse times is on the rise day-by-day; seekers should take early steps to start full-time sadhana !