If you desire to donate movable and immovable property to Sanatan Sanstha, do so during your lifetime !

Instruction for seekers and earnest request to readers, well-wishers and devout Hindus

Sanatan Sanstha has been carrying out the mission of propagating Dharma selflessly and without expectations for many years. Seekers are working incessantly for this mission all over India. Many readers, well-wishers and devout Hindus are connected with the mission.

Upon appreciating the mission of Sanatan Sanstha, many people donate in various ways. Many express their desire to donate their movable property (money, gold, vehicles) and immovable property (house, farmhouse, shop, plot), agricultural land, etc.

It is easier to donate property during your lifetime than bequeathing it to someone through a ‘Will’. Because, the legal and judicial process required after the death of the donor (for taking possession of property donated to Sanatan) for a worthy cause as mentioned in the ‘Will’ is very complicated and time-consuming. To avoid this, those desirous should donate their property as per their desire during their lifetime. This will help avoid complications and give satisfaction of donating for a worthy cause.

Those who are desirous of donating such property to Sanatan Sanstha may please contact us over the telephone or send an E-mail as given ahead.

Name and contact number : Mr. Virendra Marathe – 7058885610

E-mail : [email protected]

Postal address : Mr. Virendra Marathe, Sanatan Ashram, 24/B, Ramnathi, Bandora, Ponda, Goa – 403 401.

– Mr. Virendra Marathe, Managing Trustee, Sanatan Sanstha.