Muslim family embraces Hinduism, religious fanatics try to burn them alive!

  • This shows that the religious fanatics have not been given a dose of interfaith harmony and secularism!
  • The Congress, communists, Samajwadi party, Trinamul Congress, etc. have nothing to say about this terrible incident!
  • Had any Hindu’s name figured among the miscreants, then these same people would be demanding a ban on the ‘talibani’ and ‘sanatani’ organizations !
  • Hindus feel such incidents are unacceptable in a BJP ruled state !
Dev Prakash Patel from left and arrested fanatical accused

Rae Bareli (Uttar Pradesh) – This incident took place in a village called Rataso near Salon. A muslim man, Mohammad Anwar willingly converted into Hindu Dharma in September 2020 and changed his name to Devprakash Patel. He then proceeded to build a temple on his land.  One night Patel and his 3 children were sleeping in their house. The village head along with few others locked up Patel and his family, and set it on fire.. He and his children somehow managed to escape through the back door. The village head Tahir, Rehan alias Sonu, Ali Ahmed, Imtiyaz as well as few other members of the local madarsa have been booked in this case, while 2 have been arrested.

Religious fanatics were enraged by Devprakash`s bid to build a temple on his land and they attempted to kill him. After the incident, the District Collector, and Superintendent of Police met Devpraksh Patel and assured him of justice. The Vishwa Hindu Parishad and Bajarang dal have also reached out to him.