We are ready to kill and be killed to restore Nepal’s status as a Hindu Rashtra –Former Deputy PM of Nepal, Kamal Thapa

Kathmandu (Nepal) – Former Deputy Prime Minister of Nepal, Kamal Thapa said that, he and his activists are ready to kill or be killed to restore Nepal’s status as a Hindu Rashtra. Nepal’s Hindus had organised a rally in Kathmandu to demand that Nepal be declared a Hindu Rashtra again. Kamal Thapa was addressing the gathering. He said that the protests will continue if the demands are not met.

Thapa further said that, initially it was their party agenda. But now, the general public has taken to it as well. Whether people want it reinstated or not, they are talking about it, so all parties must meet to discuss this issue. He said that if other political parties do not realise the seriousness of the dissolution of the Parliament, then the country is heading towards a period of darkness. Recently, high-ranking officials from India and China had been in Nepal to solve problems within the ruling party. He said that they cannot let others dictate them.

Protests for Hindu Rashtra since December 2020

Nepal has been seeing protests since December 2020 with people demanding that the nation reinstate  monarchy in the country and declare the country a Hindu Rashtra. The movement is supported by the Rashtriya Prajatantra Party and the pro-monarchy supporters. The Ministry of Home Affairs in Nepal has issued directions to the 77 districts of the country to check the on-going protests, and to use necessary force to quell protests.