Complaints against Jharkhand Police on their Twitter account outnumber other complaints.

This shows that the police are harassing people more than the criminals. There is no doubt that the situation in Jharkhand also holds true for the other states. To change the attitude of the police it is necessary to teach them spiritual practice.

Ranchi (Jharkhand) – From April to December 2020, 7907 complaints have been filed on the official Twitter account of the Jharkhand State Police. 1201 complaints alone, were against the Jharkhand Police. Out of these, 1144 complaints have been redressed. Out of the total complaints, 7385 complaints have been redressed. The remaining 522 complaints are being investigated.

Among these complaints, non-compliance with social distancing were the highest . There were 413 complaints of crime against women. Other complaints were about fights, animal trafficking, fraud, religious tension, encroachment on government land, illegal coal mining, etc.