Farmers’ agitation : knife wielding woman threatens to ‘stab PM Modi’

  • Such incidents indicate the awful direction the farmers’ movement is heading!
  • The Government should trace such people and act immediately against them. The farmers association also should give an explanation about this incident!

New Delhi – Farmers have been agitating against the farm laws for the past month on the Delhi border. A video of an incident during this protest has become viral on social media. In this video, a knife wielding woman is seen making a threat to kill Prime Minister Modi.

  1. The incident occurred when a journalist approached the woman to get her opinion during the protest. However the video shows that the journalist is not taking the threat seriously and instead laughs and says, ‘one can realise from this incident how much anguish is there in peoples’ minds against the government’. (What guidance can such journalists give to the society? – Editor)
  2.  Similar videos were publicised on previous occasions during the farmers’ agitation. In those videos some women were seen singing ‘Modi, you should die’.