Men of ‘dry State’ Bihar consume the most alcohol in the nation

  • How do the men in Bihar manage to get alcohol when it is banned ?
  • Such wanton consumption of liquor in Bihar is a matter of shame for the politicians, the administration and the Police.

New Delhi – The National Family Health Survey (NFHS-5) 2019-20 report revealed that men in Bihar consume the most alcohol in the country. Bihar is a dry State (alcohol is prohibited). As per the report men in Jammu and Kashmir and Gujarat consume the least alcohol. Maharashtra is ranked second in alcohol consumption.

Women of North East consume the most alcohol

Alcohol requirement of Sikkim is the highest among the North East States. Sikkim women topped the list with 16.2% consuming alcohol, followed by Assam with 7.3% women consuming alcohol. Save for Goa and Telangana the women of North East consume the most alcohol.

Tobacco consumption trumps alcohol

In Mizoram 77.8% men and 62% women are addicted to tobacco. The consumption of tobacco is 17% in Kerala and among men in Goa it is 18%. Consumption of tobacco by women of Himachal Pradesh is the lowest coming in at 1.7%.