The Hindu monarchy again

Just a few years after Democracy was established in Nepal, Nepali Hindus have started demanding re-establishing the Monarchy in the country. For this, a large number of people’s movements are being going on spontaneously all over Nepal, and this is getting tremendous response. Not only Monarchy, but the demand is that Nepal be declared a ‘Hindu Nation’ again. No country has ever made such a demand after overthrowing or demolishing of a Monarchy. Therefore, whether it was USSR or any small country, Democracy or Dictatorship was established in the place of Monarchy and it continued. Nepal is aiming to be an exception and this is a welcome change. Why is this happening ? This needs to be studied.

In the past 100-200 years, Monarchies were abolished in many countries. Due to the unrestrained rule of the king, contempt towards the people, accumulation of personal wealth, failure to solve the problems of the people, hindering development, etc., the people in many countries revolted against Monarchy and got rid of it. This has not happened directly in Nepal. On 1st June 2001, King Birendra Birbikram and 9 members of his family were murdered. A love affair with a princess was said to have been the reason for this. However, this has not been proved beyond doubt as yet.

Later, Gyanendra ascended the throne. But since the people started feeling that Monarchy was becoming an obstacle in development, they began opposing it. This was the reason for the people’s movement in 2004-05. After this, in 2008, Monarchy was abolished and Democracy was established. Then, the writing of the Constitution started and it was completed in 2015. In the Constitution, Nepal was declared a ‘Secular Nation’ instead of a ‘Hindu Nation’, because after Monarchy, the dominance of pro-China Communists started in Nepal. Although the Nepali Congress won the 2008 elections, the Communists came to power in the following elections. The Constitution of Nepal was not written according to Nepali culture, philosophy and ideology but on western philosophy. Under this, Nepal was declared a ‘Secular Nation’.

It was because of this, that people did not adapt to the new governance system and realised that there was no Monarchical impediment to development.

At the time Monarchy was abolished, some people still supported it. However, they were less in numbers and they could not speak openly about it. Even the media did not pay attention to their opinion. Now, those who oppose Democracy and demand Monarchy have realised that the leaders of political parties have become kings themselves and are doing what is in their personal interests. This was not the case with the previous monarchy. The king was taking care of the Nepali people.

In a Democracy, the judiciary must be strong; however, in Nepal, the judiciary is subservient to political leaders. Political analysts say that the Government as well as the opposition in Nepal appear to be paralysed. Therefore, the people who took to the streets some years ago to overthrow Monarchy have to take to the streets again to bring back Monarchy because people are frustrated with Democracy. Experts claim that if this situation does not change now, there could be a revolution in Nepal in the future.

Among those who are demanding Monarchy are not only its supporters but also activists of the Communist Party, the Nepali Congress and the Maoists. It is a spontaneous movement, it has no leader. This shows the present situation in Nepal.

Indians should also become active to establish the ‘Hindu Nation’.

The current movement in Nepal is favourable for India. The more intense this movement becomes, the more will it benefit India. Given China’s growing political infiltration into Nepal over the past few years, it can be assumed that this movement can put an end to it.

For the past few months, Nepal Prime Minister KP Sharma Oli’s pro-China rhetoric has led the Nepali people to realise that Democracy in Nepal is becoming a danger to Nepal’s very existence, given its hostility to India and China’s military incursions into Nepal. For this, it is necessary to end Democracy and establish the age-old Monarchy and once again declare the country a ‘Hindu Nation’ and maintain Nepali culture, ideology, philosophy and traditional friendship with India.

This has been realised not only by the Nepali people but also by the leaders, activists and supporters of various political parties who have also joined the present movement. Some weeks ago, Sumant Kumar Goyal, the Chief of India’s intelligence agency RAW met Prime Minister Oli. Later, Indian Army Chief Manoj Mukund Narwane also visited Nepal. It is only after these visits that the people’s movement has started, which means that now the Nepali people have realised the danger posed by China and the importance of India. It was being said from the very beginning in Daily ‘Sanatan Prabhat’ that the Nepali people need to take to the streets in a democratic way for the protection of Nepal as well as for the protection of Hindu Dharma. What ‘Sanatan Prabhat’ said is happening now, which is a matter of satisfaction.

Now, this movement should be taken to its logical conclusion as soon as possible, meaning, Democracy should end and Monarchy should be established. Another Constitution can also be written and adopted to ensure that Monarchy does not become unrestrained. Political experts in Nepal should also give a thought to this. For this, India should cooperate as much as it can with Nepal. Prime Minister Narendra Modi should also pay attention to this because it is important for Nepal to break its relations with China and return to India’s fold. Going beyond this, Hindus in India should also unite and fight in a legitimate way for establishing the ‘Hindu Nation’ in India following the example of the Nepali people. It is unfortunate that what the Nepali people realised in just 10-12 years, the Indians have not realised even after the 74 years of Independence. So they need to wake up now !

Hindus should also fight in a legitimate way to establish the ‘Hindu Nation’ in India following the example of the Nepalis !