Police force working under immense physical and mental stress; cannot establish law and order until stress is managed – Madras High Court

Politicians are solely responsible for making such a plight of the Police force ! People expect this situation to change after the Court takes initiative for the reforms !

Madurai (Tamil Nadu) – The Police force is under immense physical and psychological stress, opined Madras High Court while expressing concern over its functioning.

The Court added that many times, leaves of the officials are rejected for birthdays of their children or marriage. As a result, many officials tend to take emotional decisions ending their own lives. Maintaining law and order, lowering the crime rate and cracking criminal cases seems a very difficult task unless the Police force is equipped with good facilities, looked after their welfare and is motivated.

A petition has been filed in the Madras High Court demanding salary hikes for the Police officials, extending facilities given to them and filling up vacancies in the force. The Court expressed its opinion while giving the interim ruling in the case. It has also sought information from the Government about suicides of Police officials in the past 10 years, and directed it to submit information on 18 points by 17th December.

The Court said that the Police force issues are never addressed since they do not have their own organisation. Even a primary teacher is paid more than them. While other Government officials work 5 days a week, Police officials have to work round the clock many times without even getting leave. Stress management is not addressed in the Police force, which results in resignations or suicides.