103 kg gold worth Rs. 45 crore from CBI’s custody goes missing

Madras High Court orders the investigation within 6 months

If a sensitive matter is handled by an investigation agency in the nation with such a careless attitude then it is better not to think about the overall work of the agency  ! The stringent action should be taken against those found guilty.

Chennai – CBI had seized 400.5 kg of gold in a raid carried out in 2010. Out of this, 103 kg gold worth Rs. 45 crore went missing. This gold is found missing from the CBI’s custody. Madras High Court has ordered CID to investigate the matter. The court said, ‘such matters damage the prestige of investigation agencies. Hence the matter should be investigated within 6 months.’

In 2012 CBI had conducted the raid on the offices of Surana Corporation Ltd. and seized 400.5 kg gold in the form of bricks and ornaments. The entire gold was kept in the ‘safe custody’ of CBI. 103 kg gold out of this is now missing.