France drafts a law to contain Islamic radicalism

Law to be passed soon !

Why doesn’t India pass such laws, despite being a victim of jihadi terrorism and radicalism for 3 decades ?

New Delhi – France has published a draft-law that is designed to contain Islamic radicalism. Once the law is passed, mosques in France will come under surveillance and the foreign funding of Islamic institutions will be controlled. Radical organisations will not be able to run schools. This bill is likely to be introduced in the parliament in early 2021 to be followed by passing it into a law in few months. A few weeks ago, Paris was rocked by violent protests which left 37 injured. The protestors claimed that the  law discriminates against Muslims.

The French Government began to keep a watch on 50 Islamic organisations and 75 mosques to stop the proliferation of radical ideology following terrorist attacks. The Government has also decided to deport 200 radical elements who are not the French citizens.

Highlights of the draft-law

  1.  All mosques in the country currently under surveillance will further come under additional scanner. Any financial assistance and the training of Imams will also come under vigilance.
  2. Regulations will be made against individuals posting hateful content on internet. Provoking Government officials based on religious sentiments will lead to prison.
  3. Donations to mosques will be capped at 10 thousand euros. Amount exceeding this limit will require Government’s permission.
  4.  Alteration of any sort to the images of the Police officials will attract criminal charge.
  5.  Strict action will be taken against the doctors issuing women’s virginity certificates. Some radical elements in France used such certificates for ‘traditional’ marriages.