Ajmal Foundation in Assam receives billions in donations from foreign jihadi organisations : Legal Rights Observatory

When If the Legal Rights Observatory can obtain such information, why can the Central Government not obtain it with all its machinery ?

Such jihadi organisations should be investigated and banned immediately.

Guwahati (Assam): The All India United Democratic Fronts’ (AIUDF) ‘Ajmal Foundation’ in Guwahati has been accused of allegedly receiving a donation of Rs.69. 55 crore from abroad. This allegation has been made by the Legal Rights Observatory. The organisation has submitted all the information to the Union Home Ministry. It has also demanded that theAjmal Foundation’s license be cancelled. According to LRO, the money received by the Ajmal Foundation is from those who are funding terrorists and are involved in financial scams. These include terrorist groups from Turkey, Palestine and Britain.Out of the funds received by the Ajmal Foundation, only Rs. 2.5 crore has been spent on education and the remaining amount was funneled to the party.

  1. One of the foreign donors is the Al-Imdaad Foundation of Britain. It has connections with the Palestinian terrorist group, Hamas. The Foundation has collected lakhs of rupees from the halal certification fee, which is being used for funding terrorist activities.
  2. Ummah Welfare Trust is yet another organization. It is accused of financial corruption and funding of terrorists. The US has declared it a terrorist organisation.
  3. The Ajmal Foundation is also funded by ‘Insani Yardim Vakfi’ of Turkey, which is also connected to ‘Al Qaeda’ and ‘Global Jihadi Network’. The group had supplied arms to Al Qaeda in 2014. The Popular Front of India is also associated with this organization. In the year 2014, the leaders of this organization also met PFI officials .
  4. One more organisation, ‘Muslim Ed. U.K.’, funds the Ajmal Foundation. It has links with the Hizbul Mujahideen, a jihadi organisation active in Kashmir.