‘Kalpavriksha’ withdraws M.F. Hussain’s pictures from its online sale !

This is yet another example of how success can be achieved if Hindus unite and oppose anti-Hindu activities through legitimate means! Hindus ought to express gratitude unto the Lord’s feet for this!

Mumbai – ‘Kalpavriksha’ organisation had put up Hinduphobic painter MF Hussain’s works for sale on its website. Although devout Hindus opposed this sale, and the Hindu Janjagruti Samiti tried to make ‘Kalpavriksha’ aware about the denigration of Deities by sending them letters, the organisation failed to respond. However, after devout Hindus expressed their outrage in large numbers in a legitimate manner through E-mails and WhatsApp messages, ‘Kalpavriksha’ has withdrawn MF Hussain’s paintings from their Online sale. Devout Hindus are offering gratitude unto the Holy feet of Shrikrushna for this success.