Those found not wearing masks should be sent to work in a Covid centre for 5 to 15 days ! – Gujarat High Court

Not only the mask, but also those who do not abide any of the rules in public places ought to be awarded such type of punishment compulsorily.  The people get released paying money as a penalty and  a sense of discipline is not developed in people. Thus, imposing this type of punishment becomes inevitable.

Ahmedabad (Gujarat) – The Gujarat High Court has ordered the Gujarat Government to punish those people who are flouting the rules related to coronavirus by making them work in any Covid centre for a minimum of 5 days to a maximum of 15 days. They can be made to work daily for 4-5 hours. The Court also said that they can be given work such as ‘Cleaning, preparing food, helping others, serving others, compiling information and other such work’. This punishment can be decided by taking into consideration the person’s age, qualifications, gender, etc. The High Court has also directed the State Government to submit its report in this context by 24th December. The High Court gave this order during the hearing on the petition filed by Vishal Avatani.