Brazilian Jonas Masetti ‘Vishwanath’ emphasises the importance of Vedas on global stage!

PM Modi showers praises in Mann Ki Baat!

  • A foreigner learning Vedas and promoting it globally is a tight slap for those Hindus who have no knowledge about their own religion!
  • Will the fact that Westerners promoting Hinduism awaken the Hindus who blindly follow the Western culture and disregard their own religion?
From left, Jonas Maseti and Prime Minister Narendra Modi

New Delhi – Prime Minister Narendra Modi spoke remarkably about Brazilian Jonas Masetti in his monthly program on radio – Mann Ki Baat. After spending 4 years in India, Masetti is promoting the importance of Vedas in the world through technical medium.

  1. PM Modi said in a program that few people came to India in a pursuit of Indian culture, science, Purans and Vedas and became one of us for the rest of their lives, while few others returned to their countries as the ambassadors of Indian culture. I learnt about Jonas Masetti’s work and he’s also known as ‘Vishwanath’. He teaches Srimad Bhagavad Gita and Vedas in Brazil.
  2. Jonas Masetti worked in a corporate after graduating in Mechanical Engineering; however, he started developing interest in Indian culture and Vedas. He learnt Vedas in Tamil Nadu’s Arsh Vidya Gurukul for 4 years. He decided to dedicate the whole time for Spirituality. He runs an organisation named Vishwa Vidya in Brazil. Jonas has been teaching Vedas to lacs of people via online courses in the past 7 years. He also has followers in the excess of 34 thousand on Twitter and Instagram where he promotes Indian culture and Vedas. PM Modi has regarded Jonas’s journey as admirable.