More than 12 Idols vandalised in Shivashakti Temple in Delhi

Hindus do not expect the occurrences of such nature when Delhi Police are under the control of the Central Government.  


The above picture is not intended to hurt anyone’s religious feelings. This picture is published for information. – Editor

Delhi – Several Idols of Hindu Deities were discovered to be vandalised in Shivashakti Temple in Kailash Vihar Pansari region. More than 12 Idols in the temple have been broken. The heads of these Idols have also been damaged. No arrests have been made so far in this regard. Speaking about this incident, Vishwa Hindu Parishad National Spokesperson, Vinod Bansal warned, “No one should dare test the tolerance of Hindus”.

The Trustee of the Temple, Vibhuti Sharma said that on 25th November, they were informed by the cleaning staff about this unfortunate happening in the morning. Idols of Lakshmi-Narayan, Krushna- Radhika, Sri Durgadevi, Sri Bagalamukhi Devi and Deity Shiv have been damaged. The Police and administration have been informed about this incident. The administration responded that they will be replaced with new Idols to be  installed in the Temple. It has also come to light that the CCTV was broken 3-4 days ago. This incident has occurred as the temple doors were mistakenly left open on the night of 24th November. (It is necessary to also investigate whether the doors were mistakenly left open or on purpose. Strict action ought to be taken against those who are guilty of this act. – Editor)