If people are not wearing even masks properly then no use of giving directions ?- Supreme Court

The public was not taught the discipline and emphasised the importance of health in the last 74 years. As a result of this, the harmful effects of this are clearly visible in coronavirus pandemic. The politicians of all the parties are responsible for this. 

A fire broke out in this hospital in Rajkot, 6 patients died!

New Delhi – The Supreme Court expressed anguish saying that if most of the people do not properly wear masks, what is the use of such giving any directions ? Six corona patients had died in a fire at a Covid centre in Rajkot, Gujarat. During the hearing of this case, the Court expressed this disappointment. The Court has started the suo moto hearing of the case.  This hospital caught the fire on 27th November.

  1. ‘We are observing wedding ceremonies and political gatherings. More than 60% of people do not wear masks. And those who wear masks, their masks too keep hanging on their jaws. If this continues, the situation will be worse in the future.
  2. Tushar Mehta, Advocate General said, “The State Governments have already been given the instructions about the fire incidences. They would now be directed again.” The Court responded on this saying, “just deciding the guidelines is not enough, their implementation is also required. The Central Government should take the initiative for that.” (Why does the Court have to instruct this ? Does the Central Government not understand this ? Or is it under the impression that just passing the guidelines is enough ? – Editor)