Brazilian organisation apologises for ridiculing Shri Ganesh through ‘shorts’ (indecent dress)

Result of united protest by Hindus in Brazil.

  • Hindus should express their gratitude unto Holy feet of God for this success.
  • Immediate protests in Brazil against denigration of Hindu Gods and Goddess by Hindus
  • Despite the regular disrespect of Hindu Deities, customs and traditions, through various ways in India, the majority Hindu who do not even speak about it, will they learn something from the Brazilian Hindus ?

New Delhi – In the South American nation Brazil, Jon Carte an apparel company removed its advertisement mocking Shri Ganesh due to joint protests by the Hindus. The advertisement portrayed men and women in shorts along with an image of Ganesh.

(The purpose of publishing these photographs is not to hurt the religious sentiments of the people but to make it known as a satire. – Editor, Dainik Sanatan Prabhat)

India’s Ambassador to Brazil Suresh Reddy

The protests had started after the spread of the advertisement. Brazilian Hindus demanded immediate withdrawal of the advertisement as it was hurting their religious sentiments. Looking at the continuous protests by the Brazilian Hindus, the Indian Ambassador Suresh Reddy contacted the company and said that the issue is sensitive. Due to increasing protests, the company finally withdrew the advertisement and also apologised to the Hindus. The office of the company situated in Sao Paulo also informed that they have stopped the production of these shorts.