When will the Indian Government ban Pakistani human Apps ?

Senior Correspondent Mr. Bhau Torsekar

After the conflict with the Chinese army in Ladakh and Galwan Valley, the Indian Government has done a good job of banning many Chinese companies and their various Apps. China is frightened because it is trapped; on the one side, by the Indian soldiers on the border and on the other side, on the economic front.

However, at the same time, it is imperative to ask who will stop the more dangerous Pakistani Apps. Apps are available on smartphones and computers and are used to carry out various tasks. It is also alleged that the Apps downloaded on our mobile phones or computers are also able to hack and access the account holder’s data or some sensitive information about the user. In short, in the past, enemy spies used to mix with us in our society and betray us; something similar is happening through these Apps. Even though Pakistan is not very advanced in modern technology, it has its own Apps – distinguished individuals and celebrities in India.

In the last couple of decades, Pakistan has been meddling with India through such human Apps. Prima facie, such individuals do not appear like foreign agents or spies. Because they always talk about social justice in ideological language. But in reality, they work to weaken the country and society.

When there is a foreign invasion, these people very cunningly betray their Motherland. Barkha Dutt is one of them and her love for Pakistan has never been hidden. Even though she is working as a journalist here, ample evidence is available that she has always worked in the interests of Pakistan. The point is, when and how will the Indian Government ban these Pakistani human Apps ?

When former Pakistani Prime Minister was mocking the Indian Prime Minister, Barkha Dutt was present, but when she was criticised, Barkha issued a clarification.

Before the 2014 Lok Sabha elections, when Narendra Modi was campaigning, he publicly mentioned one of Barkha’s sins without taking her name. The world saw her heartburn that time. Manmohan Singh had gone to the United States for a UN meeting in his last year of office and the Prime Minister of Pakistan then, Nawaz Sharif, was also present. Sharif had invited Pakistani journalists for tea, including Barkha. No other Indian journalist was present there. While chatting, Sharif had said that ‘Manmohan Singh is like a village woman grumbling at the local well’.

Modi suggested that Indian journalists should have left in protest. He did not even mention Barkha’s name at the time. However, since Barkha was the perpetrator, she tried to explain in her programme on NDTV that she was not present there. What was the need for this explanation ? However, she had to defend herself.

The funny thing here is that a Pakistani editor Hamid Mir came out in support of Barkha’s explanation. Interestingly, the same Mir had also aired a programme on his Pakistani news channel mocking Singh on the same subject. Such is the reputation of Barkha.

Barkha Dutt sending signals to
Pakistan through a discussion on the news channel

This is not the end of the story. There was a discussion on what will be India’s response to Pakistan after the Pathankot massacre. It is interesting to understand how Barkha was assisting Pakistan. She used to invite retired Indian defence officers on her news channel discussions and would invariably ask one question, “Will India launch an armed counter-attack ? Will India respond to Pakistan with military action ?” After receiving a negative response, she would repeat, “It means that there is no possibility of military action against Pakistan”. In a way, this was a signal to the Pakistani military and Government. Indirectly, Barkha was briefing them on a news channel here, “Don’t worry. India is not likely to take any military action against Pakistan. The former army officers themselves are testifying to this”.

Except for Barkha, no other news channel asked such a question or repeated the response.

The shock given by Indian military to Barkha Dutt and Pakistan

In fact, the same signal struck Pakistan adversely because the Pakistan army relied on Barkha and remained laidback and woke up only after the ‘surgical strike’. Because of this, they also got convinced that Barkha or similar Pakistani agents have become useless now. Indian military intelligence was able to utilise Barkha’s inclination towards Pakistan, and gave a shock to Pakistan through her.

Barkha Dutt advising Pakistan
to launch a major offensive attack like Pulwama in India

Due to the abovementioned incident, Barkha’s importance reduced in Pakistan too while her credibility in India had already plummeted. As a result, such orphaned Pakistani agents have gradually become useless Apps. They have to play games to prove their worthiness to Pakistan, and a fresh example of this has come to light.

Now, Barkha has started advising Pakistan on anti-India actions and strategies. The latest statement is a true example of how Barkha is suffering more than Pakistan for the loss of Kashmir. No one in the world cares about Pakistan’s crying over Kashmir on various platforms. So, there is only one way that Pakistan can keep the Kashmir issue alive and Barkha is teaching this to Pakistan.

A few days ago, Barkha advised Pakistan in a video what actions Pakistan should take to avoid losing Kashmir. According to her, to save Pakistan-occupied Kashmir, Pakistan should launch a major offensive like the Pulwama attack in Indian-administered Kashmir. That is the only way to draw attention of the world to the Kashmir issue. If such a horrific attack is not possible in Indian-administered Kashmir, then Pakistan will have to launch a major offensive attack somewhere else in India to attract the attention of the world. Otherwise, the Kashmir issue will slip out of Pakistan’s hands.

Is Barkha Dutt’s advice journalism
or a strategy to perpetuate terrorism ?

Does a woman journalist who has a soft corner for the common people in Kashmir (since they cannot live comfortably or have to live under various restrictions) understand the meaning of the Pulwama attack ? Such deadly attacks are not only on the soldiers, but many civilians too get killed. So what does Barkha Dutt want to convey by advising that such a deadly attack be carried out in Kashmir or elsewhere in India ? When she insists on giving such an advice and plays with the lives of innocents, should it be called journalism or analysis or a strategy to perpetuate terrorism ?

Pakistani agents and brokers
need to be controlled and kept in check

Barkha Dutt has forgotten that as a journalist, it is her duty to wish for friendship between the two countries and the welfare of the common people. Is she out of her senses that she has forgotten to even hide being a Pakistani agent or an App ? India’s security cannot be guaranteed unless many such Pakistani agents and brokers are dealt with firmly and controlled. They cannot be legally restrained; there are no clauses or provisions in the Criminal Code or Penal Code that can criminalize such behaviour. Therefore, the only way is to embarrass them in society.

– Mr. Bhau Torsekar, Mumbai (Courtesy : ‘Jagata Pahara’)

India’s security cannot be guaranteed unless many such Pakistani agents and brokers are dealt with firmly !