Hindus are the majority in Mithi, Pakistan !

Muslims and Hindus live harmoniously !

Where Hindus are in majority and Muslims are just 1-2% of the total population then they live peacefully; however, when the Muslim population reaches up to 15 to 20%,  this group starts torturing the majority community ! Since the same group is in majority in Pakistan, Hindus are being destroyed with the intention of genocide all over Pakistan !

Courtesy – Quora.com

Islamabad (Pakistan) – 80 % of the population in Mithi city of Tharparkar District of Sindh Province in Pakistan is Hindu. The total population is 87,000. Both Hindus and Muslims celebrate their festivals harmoniously here.

This city is at a distance of 875 km from Lahore in Pakistan; whereas,it is just 340 km from Ahmadabad, Gujarat. Cow slaughter has no place here. Some Hindus fallow fasting (Roza) during Ramadan. The crime rate here amounts to just 2%. There are many temples here in this city. Shrikrushna Temple here is popular. No one rings the bells in Temples at the time of Namaz and no Azan is heard from the loudspeakers at the time of Pooja.