BHU to start ‘Garbh Sanskar’ therapy as per Ayurveda !

Women will deliver a baby while listening to Bhajan, Mantra, Vedas and Chants

  • Sanatan Ayurveda Therapy, a gift to the world by ancient India has been a subject of curiosity across the world. Congratulations to Banaras Hindu University (BHU) for reviving the ancient eternal traditions and for an effort to make it a part of daily conduct ! Now Hindus expect the Central Government to support such therapies to implement them across India. 
  • It will not be a surprise now if so-called progressives, secularists, communists start calling this therapy as ‘saffronisation of medical treatments’ !

Varanasi (UP) – Renowned Banaras Hindu University (BHU) of India’s Ayurvedic Science department started a special treatment method with the name ‘Garbh Sanskar Therapy’.  The intention of this treatment is to inculcate good values in the unborn child in the womb of the mother itself. The fetus will be nurtured in the mother’s womb through the therapy of Veda, meditation, spiritual music and prayer.

Professor S.K. Mathur, Medical Superintendent of Sundar Lal Hospital of BHU informed that,

1. Garbh Sanskar is not a new thing. In Ayurveda, it is being performed for thousands of years; however, it was not valued as yet since it was not accepted by modern science.

2. We are starting Garbh Sanskar again under the obstetrics department. This Sanskar is essential for pregnant women.

3. This therapy was started at the end of September. Now the therapy has been started full-time.

4. It is scientifically proven that good music and a pleasant atmosphere affect the fetus positively. Now the effect of Garbh Sanskar on the fetus would be studied scientifically.

‘What all will be included in ‘Garbh Sanskar Therapy’ ?

Dr. Sunita Suman,  Head of obstetrics sub-department of Ayurveda department informed about the therapy. She said, “There are altogether 16 Sanskars mentioned in Ayurveda. Garbha Sanskar is an important Sanskar of them. The women would be taught to recite some part of Vedas. The hospitalised women would be advised to listen to Bhajans (spiritual lyrics). They would be given literature of eminent personalities to read. This entire therapy would prove bliss for pregnant women”.