‘If we wished to go to Pakistan, we would have gone in 1947’ – Idiotic statement by Farooq Abdullah

Farooq Abdullah did not wish to go to Pakistan because he did not want Kashmir to become  a Hindu-majority State. With this sole purpose in mind, he and others like him stayed back in Kashmir to form the majority. Later the religious fanatics started the genocide of Hindus. This led to a Kashmir bereft of the Hindu population.

Srinagar (J&K) – ‘Let me clarify to the people who tell me to go to Pakistan; they should bear in mind that if we wished to go to Pakistan, we would have gone in 1947 itself. Nobody was to stop us at that time. Nevertheless, we decided to stay in India. This is our country, this is India of Mahatma Gandhi, and it does not belong to BJP’, criticised the Ex-Chief Minister of Jammu & Kashmir Farooq Abdullah while speaking in the public meeting of the National Conference.

‘I will not die until the Jammu & Kashmir regains the previous status’, he added. (If India belongs to Farooq Abdullah, why is there a need of Article 370 which alienates J&K from other States and grants special status to Jammu & Kashmir ? Those advocating the divide in the country should be imprisoned. – Editor)

Farooq Abdullah further stated, “BJP is misleading the country”. He alleged BJP was giving false promises to the people of Jammu & Kashmir.