France has the backing of the United Arab Emirates amidst opposition from rest of the Islamic nations

France has all the rights to fight against radicalism and social hatred !

Other Islamic countries are expected to show the understanding like the United Arab Emirates. UAE should take the initiative and direct other Islamic nations to act responsibly ! Will Muslims follow the suit, whom they otherwise consider to be their ideals ?

Abu Dhabi (UAE) – ‘Muslims must listen carefully to what French President Emmanuel Macron said in his speech. Macron does not wish to isolate Muslims in the West, and he is right on his part. Muslims are required to integrate well with the Western nations. France reserves all the rights to fight the extremism and social hatred inside the country. It is incorrect to think that Macron wants to exclude Muslims living in France’, said UAE foreign minister Anwar Gargash while backing France. Gargash was speaking in an interview with the German daily ‘Die Welt’. Muslims all over the world are opposing France for publishing prophet Muhammad’s cartoons. Amidst this, UAE’s backing to France is being considered as an important development.

The Crown Prince of Abu Dhabi and UAE’s army commander Mohammed bin Zayed Al Nahyan had earlier condemned the terrorist attack in a church in French city of Nice. He had offered condolences for the attack over a phone call with Macron. He said, “Such attacks are against the principles and values all those religions that preach peace, tolerance and love. It stimulates the radicalism. It is wrong to defend crime, violence and terrorism in any way. Muslims have deep faith in prophet Muhammad; however, connecting it to violence and bringing politics in it is inappropriate.