Mathura District Court admits petition of Shrikrushna Virajman

Shrikrushna Janmabhoomi encroachment case

All non-applicant parties issued notice to present their stand.

Mathura (U.P.) – Mathura District Court admitted the petition of Shrikrushna Virajman regarding the masjid encroachment at the place. All non-applicant parties have been issued a notice to present their stand in the Court. The next hearing, in this case has been scheduled on 18th November.
The petition says that the whole 13.37 acre land of Shrikrushna Janmabhoomi belongs to Shrikrushna Virajman, and therefore, it should be returned to Him. This case was earlier dismissed by the Civil Court of Mathura. This petition has been filed in the District Court by Senior Advocate Hari Shankar Jain and Advocate Vishnu Shankar Jain.
The petition states that at present Idgah masjid is on Shrikrushna Janmbhoomi. On the same land, there was a prison of Kansa, and Shrikrushna was born at the same place. Earlier there was a Shrikrushna Temple. Mughals destroyed the Temple and constructed the Idgah masjid in the same place.
The Civil Court had earlier dismissed the petition on the grounds that the debate was over in 1967. As per ‘Place of Worship ACT, 1991’ since this is a temple, hearing cannot be conducted on this matter.
The petitioners have stated that the ‘Places of Worship Act’ does not apply to this Temple, so the matter should be heard in the Court.