Mother of 2 minor rape-victims stages protest due to acquittal of the accused of rape and murder of the girls

An incident 3 years back in Kerala

Acquitted accused are activists of CPI

  • Would Communist Party of India (CPI) which is ruling Kerala ever attempt for awarding the severe punishment of the accused in case its activists are involved in the crime ? Would the Police also do the same ?
  • Realise that those who cause uproar at BJP for committing atrocities on women in the States where BJP is in power remain silent about such incidents from the States where Congress, CPI etc. parties are in power.

Palakkad (Kerala) – Three years back, 2 minor girls were murdered in Palakkad, Kerala. They were raped before the murders. All accused were acquitted by the Court. Out of the accused acquitted last year in this case, 4 are the activists of CPI. The mother of the 2 girls has re-staged protest demanding justice. She questioned, that only 5 out of 6 accused were arrested, why the 6th accused was not arrested ?

(Courtesy – The New Minute)

Kerala Chief Minister, Pinarayi Vijayan has admitted in the High Court that the case was not investigated properly. We would reinvestigate the matter. (Mr. Viajayan should also tell what and when action will be taken against the Police who did not investigate properly ! – Editor)

Opposition leader Ramesh Chennithala after speaking with the mother of 2 daughters (HT Photo)

1. The mother of 2 girls had demanded in the High Court that the Central Bureau of Investigation should investigate the matter.

2. Opposition leader Ramesh Chennithala and BJP State President K. Surendran visited the woman agitating. They said that those who shed crocodile tears on so-called atrocities on girls in Hathras, Uttar Pradesh are however silent in this case.