Marathi Music Channel, ‘Zee Vajava’ promos released on ‘Zee Yuva’ television channel

Kirtan is contemptuously depicted as love scenes

  • The Hindus pose a question to the Government, ‘when will the Government make a stringent law to prevent repeated affront of Hindu deities’ ?
  • Hindus should decide to boycott such channels.

Mumbai – A publicity campaign is on for a music channel, ‘Zee Vajava’ a channel from Zee group. ‘Zee Yuva’ channel showed a promo, inflicting insults to Kirtan (devotional songs) of Hindus. In this video, a few ‘Kirtankar'(a person giving devotional discourse) are performing ‘Kirtan’ in front of the Deity.  Young girls and boys sit and listen to the ‘Kirtan’. They are bored. During this ‘Kirtan’, a girl makes seductive gestures to attract a boy. Later, this girl joins the ‘Kirtankar’ and recites the love songs inserting the words of ‘Kirtan’. All present at the ‘Kirtan’ starts dancing with ‘Kirtan’. This is a grave contempt of ‘Kirtan’.

The devout Hindus continue to register the protest against this outrage  on social media against ‘Zee Vajava’ and ‘Zee Yuva’.

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 Twitter: @zeeyuva

Protest against anti-National and anti-Dharma incidents with restraint !

            The main objective in protesting against anti-Hindu elements is to bring about an ideological transformation in them. Therefore, any protest should be at the ideological level on the strength of relevant theoretical points. Here, the expansive perspective should be to bring the erring individual onto the right path by pointing out his mistake.