Patriots protest against the film showing revolutionary Komaram Bhim wearing an Islamic round cap

Upcoming film ‘RRR’ on Komaram Bhim, a forest warrior who fought against the Nizam and British!

This attempt to portray Hindus as Muslims is enraging ! It is shameful for Hindus to observe an insult of ideals of Hindus in their own country. The Central Government should intervene against this and order the Central Board of Film Certification to remove such incidents.

New Delhi  – The upcoming Telugu film ‘RRR’ is based on Komaram Bhim, a tribal warrior who fought against the Nizam and the British. (The word ‘tribal’ was originally coined by the British in the year 1930. Tribals are of Hindu origin and is referred to as ‘Vanavasi’ as they live in the forest.) In this film, Komaram Bhim has been shown as Muslim by making him wear a round cap.  The film is directed by S.S. Rajmouli, the director of the film ‘Baahubali’. Komaram Bhim had fought against the Nizam and its army by declaring the slogan ‘water, forest and land’.

A statue of Komaram Bhim has been erected at Udnur in Adilabad District of Telangana. Vanavasi youths have expressed outrage over the film showing Komaram wearing a Muslim cap. “If the incident of Komaram Bhim wearing an Islamic cap in the film is not deleted, we will agitate,” they warned.

It is also being opposed on social media. Twitter user True Indology said, “Komaram Bhim’s daughter was abducted and converted by Nizam’s Talukdar Abdul Sattar. Why are fake scenes being shown in this film which is being made at a cost of Rs 400 crore ?”