India’s poverty line will be determined not by income, but by living standards

New Delhi – In the years to come, the poverty line will be determined not by income but by living standards. According to a document published by the Ministry of Rural Development, ‘Whether a person is below or above the poverty line ?’ will be decided on the basis of facilities like housing, education and sanitation he enjoys. The coronavirus pandemic has underlined some essentials. These include quality, education and awareness, water and sanitation facilities, proper nutrition and the need for accommodation where physical distancing is observed.

The daily income of the lower middle class in India is said to be Rs. 75 per person. From this, India now needs to accept the new reality of the low and middle-income class. According to the World Bank, poverty should be defined as ‘not the poor living on the side of the road due to hunger’ but ‘not taking benefit of opportunities through a growing economy’.